Thursday, April 25, 2013

Always choose your friend carefully!

O ye who believe! 
take not 
the Jews and the Christians 
your friends and protectors:

O ye who believe! 

51. ‘The Muslims all over the world have detracted from the Divine Laws on account of contract with the Jews and Christians of the world. They have changed their system of education and established their national institutions on the Western pattern. They have replaced Islamic Terminology by the modern standards. They have copied the political administration of the Western people, they have adopted the political systems and constitutions of the Western people. They have adopted the Laws of the West in detail and given up the Laws of Islam somewhere in toto. Why? The answer is quite simple and given by the present verse. They have made intimate relations with the Jews and Christians and other Kuffar, the enemies of Allah. One who makes intimate relations with the enemies of the Prophet will definitely go away from the Holy Quraan and the Laws of the Quraan. The Holy Quraan does not consist of timely lessons, interim injuctions, expedient orders and transitory statutes. It consists of permanent Laws, everlasting instructions, unchangeable principles, ultimate Truth and ultramundane mysteries. They cannot be changed by any scientific research. So the Muslims should not be overawed by their imperfect researches and knowledge but stick to the Quran comprising absolute truth and perfect knowledge. The affection and reverance for the Jews and Christians and other unbelievers as Communists etc have made the Muslims stranger to Islam and the Holy Quran. They have begun to appreciate British and American Constitutions and have forgotten the value and importance of the Quranic Constitution. Some Muslims are gone away even further – they have begun to appreciate atheistic systems. This is nothing but the result of intimacy with Unbelievers – the enemies of Islam on earth. This is why fourteen hundred years back the Holy Quran had prohibited the Muslims from making intimate relations with the Jews and Christians. 

At this occasion it must be noted that intimate relations, tolerance and good behaviour, compromise, justice and fairplay are different things in their nature. The Muslims can make peace and enter into contract with the Non-Muslims if they deem it necessary and expedient according to the Quranic Law.

The order of justice is for all men whether Muslim or Kafir as it is known from the previous verses. But good behaviour and tolerance for those Unbelievers who do not show enmity and malignance against the Muslim Community as it is given in Surah Mumtahinah. As for the intimate relations and friendly confidence and brotherly co-operation – it is not lawful for any Muslim to maintain and uphold them with any Unbeliever (Kafir). Of course the formal relations under [Arabic script] and general co-operation not detrimental to Islam and the position of the Muslims are permissible. The sever attitude of some Khulufae Rashidden in this connection can be construed to the precautionary measures (so that Islamic Society might not be affected in the least by the habits of the Unbelievers). 

52. They can become the friends of one another, though they have mighty differences among them, against Islam and Muslims. Their common enemy is Islam and the Prophet of Islam, and the Prophet of Islam, as the common enemy of Musalmans is Satan and his friends. The Holy Prophet has said: “[Arabic script]” – (The Unbelievers are One Nation) which means the Jews, the Christians, the Hindoos and all other Kafirs of the world can unite against the Muslims. The events of the running century provide enough proof for the testimony of this fact. 

53. After these express instructions and directions if a Muslim (or a Muslim nation of a certain Muslim Country) makes the Non-Muslims as his intimate friends, then he is also one of them, because the unity of hearts prevails over the unity of bodies. The Holy Prophet has said: – “[Arabic script]” – A man is with him whom he loves. Abdullah bin Ubai, the Chief of the Hypocrites in the days of the Prophet, loved the Jews and had intimate relations with them. He thought if the Muslims were destroyed, their friendship would be advantageous to the Hypocrites. Some of these types had also said at the timely defeat of in Uhud that they would change their religion if general calamity befell. As for those Muslims who have no such hypocritical designs but have close contracts with the Unbelievers, they will also be considered amongst them, because it is very possible that their ideas may change or their hatred for Kufr and the Signs of Kufr [(Arabic script)] or the Custom of Kufr may change into love of these things tending to gradual conversion. In short, the maintenance and promotion of intimate relations with the Unbelievers is forbidden due to its dangerous and destructive consequences. 

54. Those people, who are doing wrong to themselves, to the Muslim Nation and the World of Islam by entering into intimacy with the Enemies of Islam, are the real tyrants and wrong-doers. If the Enemies of Islam overcome the Muslims, they do not hesitate to devastate the Muslims and tyrannize them. In this way the Hypocrites equally join with the Enemies of Islam in tyranny and devastation. Such Hypocrites have an unholy heart and cannot be expected to receive any guidance from Allah or the Holy Quran. They are disloyal to the Muslim Community, they are faithless and treacherous, they are inimical to the Prophet of Islam, they are perfidious – Allah does not bestow such a great bounty as Guidance on such evil souls.

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

Who denied Our revelations, every one.  Therefore We grasped them with the grasp of the Mighty, the Powerful.

 --The Glorious Quran; 54; the moon, 42.


♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

Then see the nature of the consequence for those warned,

 --The Glorious Quran; 37, those who set the ranks; 73. 

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

And the folk of Noah aforetime.  Lo! they were licentious folk.

 --The Glorious Quran; 51, the winnowing winds, 46. 

♥**♥ In the name of Allah; the Most Beneficent; the Most Merciful: ♥**♥

For what day is the time appointed?

For the Day of Decision.

 --The Glorious Quran; 77, the emissaries, 12, 13.